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回答语句:There be (are/ is)...... 例句1:A:How many countries all over the world do you know? B:There are about 200 in the world。 例句2:A:How many birds on the tree do you know? B:There is only one。 或者直接回答one ...

3种答案:1.数字。 2. 数字+名词(单数/复数)。 3. There be 句型。

我是英语老师,我来帮你解答吧。首先你的问题不够完整,how many后面还应该有个名词复数,然后就这样回答:There are +数字。如How many books are there on the desk?There are two.或There is one.

答数量。 -How many girls are there in your class? -only one.

There are two dogs. 有两只狗狗。

how many提问的是可数名词的数量;how many后面跟名词的复数。 如:How many pencils....?

There be 结构回答 There is/are……


直接回答数量 how many apples do you have? three 精锐祝你学习进步

How much 1`How much? Ten yuan.多少钱?10元。 2`How much did this trousers take you?这条裤子花了你多少钱? 3·How much is this bag? 这个书包多少钱? 4·How much did you get from your father? 你从你父亲那儿得到多少钱? How many 1`H...

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